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Shivashakti Butwalish Seifenindustrie

Shivashakthi | Solutions- Shivashakti Butwalish Seifenindustrie ,Plantation Solutions. Genetically superior Teak Saplings. A thorough screening process followed by our team of Nursery-men ensures that the saplings made available by ShivaShakti are the best in terms of growth characteristics like vigour, branching behaviour, pest & disease resistance etc.Shivashakti ProductsShivashakti horticulture plant's produced from high yielding, genetically superior mother-plants after years of research have become the farmer's best choice to make a fortune in agriculture. Dhanraj Liquid & Powder : "DHANRAJ", which is a chelated multi-micronutrient mixture available both in …

Shivashakthi | Empowering farmers for a better future

Flexible Services. Through the novel approach of Direct Marketing – first time in Indian Agriculture, the farming community is able to establish a direct contact with our team of dedicated Agricultural Graduates who provide overall critical on-site Pre-Sales and After-Sales technical guidance to the customers ensuring maximum benefit to the end-user.

Shivashakthi | Services

SHIVASHAKTI GROUP. ShivaShakti Group was established with ... Know More. RECENT NEWS. Launch of Seeds Company. 4 Mar 2013. viagra without a prescription International Awards Galore!! 4 Mar 2013. cialis 20 mg Launch of M/s Shanmukhaa Agritech Ltd – Dealer Marketing Company of the Group.

Shivashakthi | Products

SHIVASHAKTHI BIO TECHNOLOGIES LIMITED is The Best Place to Work as we believe in providing the right work atmosphere, training the needy to enhance the existing skill set and most of all we Do Not Offer ‘Jobs’ but only ‘Careers’ to the young to pursue their dreams towards fulfilling their ambitions.

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Shivashakti Products News & Events 2009-10 - IQ Net Partners " THE INTERNATIONAL CERTIFICATION NETWORK " has awarded the Company " ISO 9001:2008 " vide Registration Number: TT - 50261 for recognizing the standards of Quality Management System for Manufacture of Agro Based products viz., Organic Fertilizers, Plant Growth Promoters ...

Shivashakthi | About

The SHIVASHAKTHI Group of Companies supplies the products that sustains the health of the soil and the ecosystems. It relies on ecological processes, biodiversity and cycles adapted to local conditions, rather than the use of inputs with adverse effects.

Founder of Shivashakti Bio Technologies Ltd

SHIVASHAKTI BIO TECHNOLOGIES LTD is a dream willed into reality by its visionary Founder Shri G V S S R Anjaneylu. Shri G V S S R Anjaneylu a first generation technopreneur was born in a humble agricultural family in Andhra Pradesh on July.14, 1966. A self-made man GVSSR practiced simple living and high thinking.

About Shivashakti Bio Technologies Ltd

Shivashakti Bio Technologies Ltd. was established in the year 1996 under the dynamic leadership of Sri G.V. Anjeneylu in Andhra Pradesh.The Company is engaged in production and marketing of genetically superior Teak and Horticulture plants that offer high yields to the farmers.

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In the annals of Shivashakti Bio Technologies Ltd we have gained trust and good relationship with all our customers for our endeavor growth.Our customer is the most important visitor on our premises and extending us an opportunity to enrich our production & productivity.

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